About Us

About us

We are happy to be the most dynamic, young and experienced luxury yacht charter resource in Turkey.

Our Vision

Our vision is focused on immediately finding customers the resources they need to make more informed decisions. We want to be a customer-oriented, comprehensive, crewed, and of course the best service company. We combine all the destination and feature information of tastes with all our experience, enabling consumers to both rent a yacht easily and dream of their next vacation already.

Our Mission

Our mission is transparency. Everything we do aims to make the yacht charter market more efficient. From the very beginning, we set out to revolutionize the industry by making yachts and their varieties accessible to everyone.In Turkey's unique bays and deep blue seas, we help even non-sailors discover the freedom of being on the water. We also have experience in presenting new destinations and a wide variety of options. You can choose according to your needs, including corporate events, with the yachts we offer in different options.

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